Only 20 Minutes Per Week

How Is that Possible?

The Right Prescription

You're on your way to being stronger and more fit. So... what's the best way to begin a fitness journey or program? Do it smart and with support. We make starting a workout program easy with the help of local personal trainers who follow a precise program. A program that gives your muscles exactly the right dosage of exercise and rest.

Get More From Your Muscles

Our training method is based on the latest scientific findings revealing the most effective and efficient way to train to improve fitness and health.

Unlike other training methods, fit20 engages all 4 different muscle fiber types. When all four types are engaged sequentially, your body uses more strength and power.

Your muscle cells will quickly use up your glycogen stores and start to use fat as an energy source. If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, your body will easily stay in "fat burning mode."

Rest To Achieve Results

Because the training is intense, it is important your body receives adequate rest to recover. During the one-week rest period between sessions, your body goes through a regenerative process referred to as "super-compensation." Your muscles get stronger and your entire body is stimulated to function better.

The rest period gives your body time to reap the full benefits of your training efforts. This is why training more frequently is not only unnecessary but can actually be counterproductive.

Generate a Metabolic Boost

The fit20 training method also greatly impacts the mitochondria, or "energy factories," in the cells in your muscles. A specific process inside the mitochondria engages your aerobic metabolism for about an hour and a half after your training session.

The metabolic boost means your body becomes more efficient in converting energy for your muscles which leaves you feeling more energetic in your daily life.

The intense training also causes your insulin receptors to become more sensitive, which is an incredibly positive metabolic development especially for diabetics.

Join the Fitness Revolution

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