12 Questions About fit20

1. What is fit20?

fit20 is a personal training studio where we use smart resistance training to improve the strength and health of our members so they can live healthier and longer lives.

2. How does fit20 work?

fit20 is based on modern exercise science. We train your muscles in a smart and safe way to their maximum. The fit20 training method results in a very strong trigger for change, not only does it make your muscles stronger and more efficient, it also has profoundly positive effects on other body systems such as your immune and cardiovascular systems. We have clients of all ages, anyone can learn to do fit20 well.

3. Why does it only take 20 minutes?

The fit20 training is short but fairly intensive. We use six specialized machines to train all your major muscle groups. It is a true full-body workout. Since your trainer guides you to reach your maximum effort in about two minutes, you complete the entire workout in just twenty minutes. Training longer with this method does not yield further benefit.

4. Why do you only train once a week?

After your fit20 session, your body responds to the training stimulus. Your body turns your training effort into health and fitness improvements. This process takes time. Various studies have shown that it takes 5-8 days for your body to have benefitted at a maximum level from your session and is ready to train again. More intense training requires a longer recovery time.

5. How is fit20 different from gyms?

Above all, fit20 is personal training. You work directly with your trainer who coaches you through our optimized training program. You workout by appointment and you do not need to change clothes for your fit20 training. This saves time and eliminates hassle. We are fully focused on your training effort. You will not find mirrors, music, or crowds at fit20.

6. What does a fit20 trainer do?

The trainer ensures that you have a great training experience every week. All you have to do is show up and do your best, your trainer takes care of the rest. They set the machines to your ideal settings and coach you to your maximum effort. This way you get the best results. The trainer also records your performances and tracks your progress over time in our fit20 trainers' app. Ultimately, your trainer is your partner in achieving your health and fitness goals.

7. What kind of results can I expect?

fit20 is a full-body workout. Well-trained muscles give the whole body a health boost. You will therefore become stronger, more resilient, and more fit. You will have more energy and daily activities will become easier. Neck, back, and joint pain can diminish or disappear completely, and your immune system will be strengthened.

8. Do I have to do other exercises besides fit20?

Because fit20 is intensive, your body must recover. Rest is an important factor in realizing the best training results. Non-intensive exercise such as walking, cycling, golfing, yoga, tai-chi, or recreational sports can be a great addition to your weekly fit20 training.

9. Is fit20 right for me?

Everyone benefits from fit20 regardless of age or fitness level. We have 14 year old members and 96 year old members. Some members enjoy exercise while others don't, but they also want the health and benefits of exercise in the most efficient way possible. fit20 is often ideal for people with health issues like diabetes, lung programs, knee/hip replacements, or cardiovascular disease.

10. Is fit20 only in the USA?

fit20 is an international company with studios in more than ten countries with its origination in the Netherlands. We are new to the US market, but already have studios in a half dozen states. We have an enthusiastic USA corporate team with their headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA. Besides our core public studios, we also have fit20 studios located within corporate offices, and hospitals where employees enjoy the benefits of their weekly training sessions.

11. Is fit20 expensive?

When you consider the health and fitness benefits of your training at fit20, the cost of your membership is very reasonable. Feeling stronger and more energetic is priceless. Furthermore, fit20 is a preventative health practice. This means that over time you will save on healthcare costs. fit20 is not a gym membership that merely gives you access to equipment, but rather fit20 is your weekly personal training appointment. It is a dedicated time to work with focus on your health and fitness. Always under the professional guidance of your personal trainer.

12. What to do next?

You have to try fit20 firsthand to really understand how it works and what it can do for you. You are invited to do an Introductory Training session to learn more about fit20. There is no obligation to join, we love sharing our amazing training method with all people.

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