New Fitness Studio Offers Perfect

Pandemic Workout

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fit20 Provides Short, High-Intensity Training Sessions by Appointment Only

Stronger and more fit in one 20-minute session once a week? It is not only possible — it is available now at two Jacksonville area fit20 studios.

fit20 is a unique training approach first introduced in the Netherlands and imported to the United States in 2018. The quick, simple workout format provides a safe, results-oriented option for those in search of a highly effective workout alternative to a traditional gym setting.

“The studios are climate controlled, so you don’t need gym clothes or a shower, and you leave the studio ready to go to your next appointment,” said fit20 Regional Director Cathy Battreall. “A certified trainer is with you for the 20 minutes you are in the studio to ensure a safe, effective workout experience. The full-body workout consists of six specialized state-of-the-art machines designed to increase strength and vitality.”

Battreall, a local entrepreneur who also owns a freight company and a fulfillment center, first learned about fit20 through a friend who brought one of the first fit20 studios to the U.S.“When I tried it, my business sense told me it would be a success here based on its appeal to a wide audience and the company’s record of growth,” she said. “Also, from a selfish standpoint, I wanted access to it.”

Fortunately, the structure of the program made it somewhat easier for Battreall to open, even during the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

“Appointments are required, and only two members are in the studio at a time,” she said. “Our trainers wear a mask, we take clients’ temperature when they arrive, and we are able to place clients at a safe distance from each other.”

Surveys indicate that people exercise to improve physical fitness, increase energy, increase strength, alter their body shape, and lose weight. Some achieve their goals with lifestyle changes, such as dieting, joining a gym, or taking on more strenuous activities by walking, running, biking, swimming on a regular basis.

People find it difficult to dedicate the time, the effort, and the money to obtain results, results that can take many months, and even years to achieve. fit20 uses science to create a program that eliminates most of the excuses people have for not making the effort.


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