Why Slow Strength Training is a Game Changer

fit20 Writing Team

For many people, it feels overwhelming to start working on a healthier lifestyle.  Reduce stress, exercise daily, change diet, increase meaningful social contact, sleep 8 hrs per night.  The list goes on and on.  Where to start?  It can feel so overwhelming that inaction is often the chosen path.  That is too bad since research has long demonstrated that even small steps toward a healthier lifestyle have a big impact.  Not only will small investments of time and energy create a noticeable change in your body, it will also help you embrace additional wellness practices.  The new method of slow intensive strength training is an excellent example.

Slow Strength Training

Finding the right workout regime for your physical abilities, your age, and your schedule are important to avoid injury and to ensure you can commit to consistency. If you’re under the age of 40, high-intensity workouts such as weight training, pushups, and fast-paced interval training can help you achieve maximum results and require more focus than longer cardio type exercise. However, even if you are under the age of 40 the risk for serious injury is high. The exhaustive bursts in-between minutes of rest can be too much of that high intensity for some, and the risk of injury are some of the reasons why slow controlled movement high-intensity resistance training is becoming a popular alternative.

One good thing leads to another

Once you have integrated a 20-minute weekly session into your routine, you gain confidence and begin thinking about other small steps you can take toward a healthier lifestyle.  Some of my friends have taken steps to drink less alcohol, or take a daily walk, or even park their car further from store entrances.  The point is; we change by taking small meaningful steps.  When you consider time versus benefit, slow intensive strength training is at the top of the list.

What people say who started slow strength training

Many people notice more energy and better endurance first.  This is because their muscle cells become more efficient.  They use less energy to do the same amount of work.  That means energy can be more balanced throughout the day, reducing midday fatigue and lack of motivation.  Reduced or eliminated aches and pains is another common benefit.  People get stronger and feel stronger.  They also just feel better overall, and even their mood is improved.  In fact, fit20 statistics show an average strength increase of 53% over the first 4 months.  Members rave about the personal coaching, the private, quiet atmosphere, and the fact that they are truly in and out in 20 minutes without having to change or shower.

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