fit20 USA's First Regional Developer is

Jacksonville Businesswoman

By Scott Butler/ Florida Times-Union

Jacksonville’s Cathy Battreall is fit20 USA’s first regional developer franchisee, the company announced.

The unique fit20 concept is expanding from its founding in the Netherlands. It provides a private, noise-free environment geared to accommodate busy schedules by featuring a 20-minute weekly session with a certified personal trainer. The sessions are intense slow-motion resistance training using a circuit of specialized machines to create a full-body workout. 

Battreall, already an InXpress Shipping & Logistics multi-unit franchisee for several years, was looking for the next big thing and believes fit20 is it: a simple but effective way for maintaining strength and vitality as people age.

Some other key elements of the program are there’s no need for a change of clothes and no distracting music, mirrors, or group workouts.

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  • Shape Your Entire Body in Only 20 Minutes
  • 1-on-1 Session With A Personal Trainer
  • Tone & Strengthen Safely & Efficiently
  • Clean, Private Studio with No Distractions